Hot Sauce

Tahiti Joe’s – Bajan Killer XXX Hot Pepper Sauce

• “I got smacked around with the amount of heat that kept coming and coming.” • “Overall very impressed and would highly recommend.”


Tahiti Joe’s – Polynesian Hot Sauce

• “I think it would be better used as a wing sauce than on a taco or burrito.” • “It had a nice little kick to it and the mixture of peppers and garlic provided a pretty damn good taste.”


Tahiti Joe’s – “Italian Heat” Tropi-Garlic Hot Sauce

• “Wow, it was awesome.” • “Not only was this sauce perfect for a burrito, but I plan to try it VERY soon with chili too.”


Blackberry Belle – All Natural Hot Sauce

• “I can see why Blackberry Belle recently was honored at the Chile Pepper Awards.” • “The heat level stung my mouth more so than burning it.”


Nando’s Peri-Peri Garlic Sauce

• “I plan on using the Garlic sauce on damn near everything I eat – it is that good.” • “The mixture of spices and garlic tasting was perfectly done.”

Crazy B Sauce Featured

Crazy Bastard Sauce – Tomatillo and Habanero

• “Very well done and I highly recommend it.” • “It lingers a bit, but the flavor made it very good to savor.”


Nando’s Peri-Peri Medium Hot Sauce

• “Very well done and I highly recommend it!” • “It is no wonder why Nando’s is one of the best restaurants and hot sauce producers around.”


Da’ Bomb Beyond Insanity Hot Sauce

• “It was so damn hot and burned immediately.” • “It actually had a good taste after the heat finally wore off.”


Dirty Dick’s Hot Pepper Sauce

• “The sauce smacked me in the face initially with the pepper spice, but once it sunk in, it was a very good sauce.” • “This would go perfectly with any seafood you might try it with.”


Big Red’s – Sneaky Pete’s Prickly Pear Sauce

• “Overall, very impressed with the sauce.” • “I think besides chili, it would go great with chicken or steak wraps.”


Jak Jeckel – Gourmet Homemade Pepper Sauce

• “There is no doubt in my mind this is one of the best pepper sauces out there.” • “Was I impressed with this sauce? Damn right I was.”

hot sauce on table

World Famous Hot Sauce – Love Potion

· “Love Potion has a lot of potential, but the word needs to get out more through more marketing or an in-depth website.” · “It was a great hot sauce that didn’t try to ‘change the game’ by mixing too m...


Quaker Steak and Lube – Golden Garlic

• “It continues to be one of my favorite sauces the Lube has ever produced.” • “It (the garlic flavor/taste) lingered a little bit, but the sauce tasted better than ever.”


Sweet Heat Gourmet – Pineapple and Ghost Pepper Hot Sauce

• “Just wish i had more than one bottle.” • “Not quite your typical Ghost Pepper type heat, but still awesome!”

Dinosaur BBQ front of bldg

Dinosaur Bar-B-Que – Devils Duel Habanero Hot Pepper Sauce

• “It had a nice sweet taste before the heat took over.” • “You can instantly smell the habanero peppers when you open the bottle, and you know you are about ready to get your ass kicked with this sauce.”

Fallen Angel Featured

Danny Cash’s – Fallen Angel Jolokia Ghost Wing Sauce

• “Perfect for any wing lover who loves to get kicked in the face with heat.” • “The smell of vinegar and the combination of peppers will instantly clear your sinuses.”


Quaker Steak and Lube – Arizona Ranch

• “Spicy Ranch is always... always... a winner for me.” • “Not as spicy as i expected, but still enough to get the job done..”


All Spice Cafe – Chipotle Garlic Sauce

• "chipotle, garlic, and cayenne peppers... I'm in” • “Intriguing packaging and name.”


Tom’s Roid-Rippin’ Hot Sauce – Jalapeno Pepper

• “Will it cause such indigestion that you'll end up with hemorrhoids?”


Tom’s Roid-Rippin’ Hot Sauce – Cayenne and Curry

• “I think it went good with pizza, but I wouldn’t use it on wings because of the texture.”


Pittsburgh’s Original Sports Sauce

• “I can see this sauce being used at all of the Steelers’ tailgates!”


Golden Toad – Habanero Pepper Sauce

• “I think this would be great in chili or any type of soup.” • “The sauce was spicy and lingered in my mouth, but it was a good amount of heat that showed its true colors.”

Hellacious Featured

Hellacious Hot Sauce

• “It was, in fact, hot as hell but had a nice taste to it.” • “It would also go very well on pizza.”

Baron's Caribbean Featured

Baron’s International Kitchen – Caribbean Hot Sauce

• “It was more spicy than I thought when I initially saw the bottle, but I was pleasantly surprised with the taste.”


Tom’s Roid-Rippin’ Hot Sauce – Hot Cherry Pepper With Roasted Garlic

• “It went well with pasta and red sauce, and I think it would also be good with pizza.” • “It had a strong scent of garlic and was thick like a salsa sauce.”


Dat’s Nice – Datil Pepper Mango Sauce

• “It wasn’t hot at all and it obviously didn’t linger.” • “There was a nice sweet flavor to it and it smelled fruity when opening the bottle.”


Sweet Heat Gourmet – Habanero Peach Hot Sauce

• “Surprisingly didn’t taste the peaches as much as I thought I would.” • “I would like to try this mixed in with cheese sauce for nachos.”

Dat's nice Hotter n Hell

Dat’s Nice – Hotter-n-Hell Sauce

• “This is not for the faint of heart.” • “Really cool and impressive labels on each bottle.”

Dats Nice Featured

Dat’s Nice – Datil Pepper Sauce

• “It stung a little bit at the beginning, but it went away after a few seconds.” • “I highly recommend this on a fried fish or chicken sandwich.”


Danny Cash’s – Ninja Dipping Sauce

• “I highly recommend the Ninja Dipping Sauce.” • “I think this would go perfectly with sushi.”


Golden Toad – Jalapeno Pepper Sauce

• “This sauce had a nice little kick to it with a decent amount of heat, but it didn’t linger.” • “A little bit of a citrus taste was evident when I tried it with the rice and beans.”


Golden Toad – Chipotle Pepper Sauce

• “This was an excellent chipotle sauce that would go well with any Mexican food.” • “It has a rich flavor to it, combining the sweet rich flavor with a smoky tangy sweet kick.”


Danny Cash’s – Bottled Up Anger Hot Sauce

• “The labels are phenomenal and they grab your attention.” • “Bottled Up Anger was spicy with a nice garlic flavor, just enough where it doesn’t burn your mouth too much.”


Danny Cash’s – Radical Heat Red Habanero Hot Sauce

• “Adds just the right amount of flavor to any sandwich or meal without overdoing it.” • “I had this on a sandwich, but I think it would be great with wings or in chili.”


Clancy’s Fancy – Gourmet Hot Sauce – XTRA Hot

• “Wow! This is really hot but really good though too!” • “This is not for the faint of heart! Buckle up, because this sauce will take you for a ride.”


Hank Sauce – Hank’s Heat Hot Sauce

• “I think Hank’s Heat would go great with wings or a fried fish sandwich.” • “This is definitely my favorite out of all of Hank’s Sauces.”


Chef Pascal – Habañero Hot Sauce

• “I think this would be great on any seafood, possibly as an added flavor to cocktail sauce with shrimp.” • “Great sauce that I have never tasted. I don’t think it is a ‘wing’ sauce, but more of a sauce on f...


Hank Sauce – Herb Infused Hot Sauce

• “It didn’t have much kick to it at all, but it still added an alternative flavor to the meatloaf.” • “It was very runny and had a nice aroma to it.”


Fat Cat – Surprisingly Mild Guajillo Ghost Hot Sauce

• “This wasn’t your standard ghost pepper sauce and it was actually something that you could enjoy without having to drink gallons of water right after!” • “It was a ‘surprise’ sauce that went great with stir...


Hank Sauce – Cilanktro Hot Sauce

• “I was pleasantly surprised with how well it went with my chicken alfredo.” • “Make sure to shake the bottle before using so that it doesn’t all settle on the bottom.”

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