Does Hot Sauce Go Bad?

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t is truly amazing how many different types of hot sauces I tend to gather both on the countertops and in the refrigerator. It almost seems like organized chaos in my household because there are so many to choose from, yet it looks like they will never all get used.

That got me to thinking. Does hot sauce ever truly expire? Does hot sauce go bad? Yeah you can do the good old taste test by opening the bottle, but what are the real answers?

I have done my own personal research as well as researched online and talking to others – yes because I am a hot sauce nut, aficionado, weirdo, whatever. Frank’s Red Hot recently came up with a “Best If Used By” date on their bottles, which doesn’t mean that it necessarily expires, but that the taste won’t be the same after that particular date.

Typically, in my opinion, you can keep hot sauces for up to three years.

Granted, the taste won’t be the same as it was when it was originally bottled or even when you first purchased it. However, if you shake the bottle up, the ingredients will mixed up as if it was new, but the taste just won’t be the same.

If you put the sauces in the fridge, the taste and texture tend to thin out. However, if you let the hot sauce in room temperature for a long period of time, certain ingredients like the oil or vinegar can tend to stray, if you know what I mean.

Then again, why would any true hot sauce fan let their favorite sauce go to waste over this amount of time anyway? It is one thing if you are taste-testing a ton of sauces, but it is another thing if you are just stock-piling hot sauces and you let your favorite one go to waste. If you really are worried about hot sauce expiring, suck it up, use the sauce on everything, and call it a day.


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Born and raised in Western Pennsylvania and have lived here primarily my entire life. Just like all of you, I am an avid hot sauce and BBQ sauce fan and have made my priority in life around it (some may think that is sad, but so what!).


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