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e received a nice care package from the kind folks at YT’z Trading Company and I was very anxious to try their sauces. This one in particular was the Shark Byte Sauce, Western Carolina Style – which I was excited about because at the time of taste-testing it I hadn’t had a vinegar-based Carolina sauce in quite some time.

The label pretty much spoke for itself – very well labeled with the type of sauce it was. It had a skull and crossbones on the front as well, so I was anticipating much more of a kick and hot spice to it, but I will get to that later.

I was impressed with the way it went with the pork.

When looking at the bottle, it was a red color and the peppers and spices were evident throughout. I opened the bottle and it smelled a lot like ketchup (go figure – ketchup is the second ingredient mentioned!) but you could also smell a hint of vinegar as well. I was intrigued by the smell regardless.

I poured a little onto my finger to taste-test it first. It was a lot thinner and runny than what I initially anticipated. I figured it was going to be a little thicker, so I rated it just a 1.5/5 on thickness. It was pretty good though, with a kick at the very beginning. Going back to the skull and crossbones though, I don’t think it was as potent as I might have thought when seeing the label.


I tried it on a pulled pork sandwich and really enjoyed the overall taste of it. Like I said earlier, it had a little kick that lingered, but it wasn’t overwhelming by any stretch. It definitely had a Carolina flavor to it, and I was impressed with the way it went with the pork. I think it would also go well with chicken, but I’m glad I had pork to be honest. Overall, I rated it a 4/5 and would definitely recommend it to those who like thin, Carolina BBQ sauces.

From the Creator:
This sauce is a true Western Carolina BBQ sauce. I use the word BBQ lightly as this tasty sauce can be used for anything and everything!

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Born and raised in Western Pennsylvania and have lived here primarily my entire life. Just like all of you, I am an avid hot sauce and BBQ sauce fan and have made my priority in life around it (some may think that is sad, but so what!).



    This sauce is awesome!I have bought their variety box and ALL the sauces and rubs are delicious!

    Chris White

    Just to clarify, the skull and crossed bones is our company logo and not an indicator of the heat profile.


    This sauce is great on beef and pork and roasted veggies Love all the YT’z sauces and rubs

    Danny Stewart

    Last year’s Super Bowl I made some pulled pork, with the Shark Byte, for some of my friends in New Mexico and they were a bit skeptical but it was a big hit…awesome sauce!!!


    I’ve been using YT’z products for some time. My favorite is the Hurricane sauce but a nice glaze of Shark Byte sauce on some smoked ribs is hard to beat my mouths watering now thinking about it. Do yourself a favor and step outside the sauce box and try some YT’z.

    todd Schade

    I’ve tried them all and use them regularly. Winning combination of rubs and sauces make every meal with YT great! And its a local American owned and operated company!

    Big J

    This stuff is the real deal! Great tasting on just about everything. Great for presents! Order and get ready for some grilling!


    This sauce rocks! I think the thickness is perfect. I use it as a marinade on chicken and pork. Makes the meat tender and juicy everytime. Great product at a fair price.


    YT’z is my new favorite! Hurricane and Shark Byte are both terrific. I’m using them on beef, bear, and venison. My personal favorite is YT’z Gold Rush. I was putting it on absolutely everything until I got down to the last quarter of the bottle. Also, do yourself a favor and try the Rubs. Soooo good!

    D. S chultz

    You have to try this stuff. Great on chicken, beef, pork and your finger. Be careful. I couldn’t believe how perfect it was on a burger. I strongly recommend getting the variety box. The Hurricane sauce is addictive.


    I love YT’z my dad seems to find anything to put it on, heck he puts the Classic Rub on baked kale chips, we like that. I like the Shark byte on the wings he makes. I liked it so much I took a YT’z gift pack with me to Nice France last summer to present to my host family. We only got to try the Gold Rush while I was there, but they were dipping the baked chicken in it like we would dip fries in ketchup, they LOVED it.

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