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• “It wasn’t bad by any means, but I think I might have expected more from Weber.”

• “It has a good BBQ taste, but it didn’t fulfill what I thought it should with a chicken sandwich.”


e bought this at the local grocery store and I noticed it because of the name on the front screams picnics and barbeques, Weber. In fact, I have a Weber Grill and BBQ Set that I got a few years back and I have been very impressed. Thus, why not give one of their BBQ sauces a whirl.

I’m thinking that if this sauce was cooked or grilled on pork throughout it would be a lot better than adding to a particular food after the fact.

This is definitely one of the thicker BBQ sauces I have tried and it definitely has the feel to not dripping off of any of the foods you will add it to. It has a pretty good BBQ scent when opening the bottle and I was intrigued to try it. I first took a spoonful of the sauce and tried it alone, figuring it would be great because of the rich tradition of the “Weber” name with grilling and BBQ-ing. I guess my expectations were too high because it really had just a plain BBQ taste to it, with no kick or anything. Not that it was bad by any means, but it wasn’t special or nothing stood out either.

I tried it with a chicken sandwich and added the BBQ sauce on it instead of using it as a dipping sauce. It was good, but it felt more like a generic BBQ sauce you would get at a restaurant or something at a sub shop. Like I said, it wasn’t terrible by any stretch, but I categorize and pick out sauces that really have a unique taste to it.  I’d also recommend the KC Masterpiece Original in this class.

I would be anxious to try this sauce, though, with some pulled pork. I’m thinking that if this sauce was cooked or grilled on pork throughout it would be a lot better than adding to a particular food after the fact.

From the Creator:
Delicious BBQ starts with a delicious sauce. The thick and bold flavor of our Original sauce comes from the perfect blend of spices and is sweetened with thick molasses to make the sauce stick to food! This All Natural BBQ sauce will be a hit with the whole family.

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Born and raised in Western Pennsylvania and have lived here primarily my entire life. Just like all of you, I am an avid hot sauce and BBQ sauce fan and have made my priority in life around it (some may think that is sad, but so what!).

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