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e received this bottle from the kind folks at Tabanero, of which we had heard of but never got our hands on a bottle before embarking on this project. It comes from the state of Tabasco in Southern Mexico, and it has no affiliation with the hot sauce in Louisiana. It is all natural and doesn’t even have water added into it, and surprisingly (after tasting it), it does not even include vinegar.

When opening the bottle, Tabanero has a good aroma but for some reason seems like there is a vinegar scent to it. Not sure why. One thing I noticed when I initially tasted it was that you definitely need to shake the bottle up so that the carrots and other ingredients can get mixed together. If not, it tends to all filter to the bottom of the bottle.

I highly doubt I would be nothing less than impressed with trying Tabanero on anything!

I was impressed with my first taste of it as it just tasted fresher than most “carrot” sauces. It had a zesty tang of citrus from the key lime juice and a nice kick, without being over the top. It is a little runny even though by the looks of it with its orange coloring that it would be thicker, assuming the carrots and such would provide it that element. It had a little burn on my tongue initially, but the burn didn’t linger at all.



I tried it with a tuna sandwich and was very impressed. It provided a great taste and the carrots and citrus flavoring added a nice little spice to the sandwich. I typically add salt to my tuna sandwiches, even if I do have hot sauce with it. However, not required on this one. This is arguably one of the top hot sauces I have ever tried and that is saying something. I would like to try this with tacos or add it to a nacho cheese dip to see what it tastes like. I highly doubt I would be nothing less than impressed with trying Tabanero on anything!

From the Creator:
Tabanero is 100% All Natural and adds a delicious, zesty flavor to your favorite dish. There is no vinegar in our product or any other cheap fillers, such as water. Our unique blend of ingredients gives Tabanero an unforgettable flavor that ignites your taste buds like no other hot sauce. Tangy with a hint of sweetness from the agave nectar, mixed with the perfect amount of heat, spices up your dish without over powering it.

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Born and raised in Western Pennsylvania and have lived here primarily my entire life. Just like all of you, I am an avid hot sauce and BBQ sauce fan and have made my priority in life around it (some may think that is sad, but so what!).


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