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e received a nice care package from the generous folks at Slather Brand Foods, and we were anxious and excited to try this because it really didn’t fit the mold of a typical BBQ sauce or a typical hot sauce. I have seen a few lathering sauces along the way, so I was interested in seeing what Slather Brand Foods had to offer and what the taste and texture would be like.

the most amazing sauce I have ever tried and I was floored by how good it was!

They sent us both of their samples, but this one in particular was the Original Recipe (blue labeled bottle). It was a standard 16-oz. bottle and was clearly marked and labeled which type it was. It was nothing special but it was perfect for sauce lovers to clearly see what the style of sauce they were getting.

From the outside, it has a dark red/brown color to it and you can see the spices and chili peppers throughout the sauce. It had a ketchup-like look but with a hot sauce-like mixture from my initial glance. When I opened the bottle, you instantly smelled tomatoes and ketchup, which had me intrigued whether or not it would have any special flavor to it or whether it would be a bland taste.

Sletherin Original With Food

I didn’t even try a sample of it; I simply dove right in and put it on a steak burger as well as some pork and beans. Are you ready for this? It was the most amazing mixed sauce I have ever tasted. I repeat, the most amazing sauce I have ever tried and I was floored by how good it was! It had the perfect mix of sweet and spicy taste, but neither was overwhelming. This sauce can, and will, go on everything you eat.

Since trying it on the burger, I can’t get enough of it. I have used with everything and anything – macaroni and cheese, steaks, pork loin, salad dressing, etc. – it is that good! I strongly recommend this sauce for every meal, no matter what is on the menu. This is a perfect 5/5 on the rating scale for taste, no question about it.

From the Creator:
Our signature product is our Original Slatherin’ Sauce, an all natural sticky, sweet, slightly spicy blend of honey, pineapple, tomatoes, crushed red pepper and spices. Slatherin’ Sauce is a gourmet cooking and finishing sauce for everything from baked brie to wild boar.

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Born and raised in Western Pennsylvania and have lived here primarily my entire life. Just like all of you, I am an avid hot sauce and BBQ sauce fan and have made my priority in life around it (some may think that is sad, but so what!).

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