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e have tried many sauces from Pork Barrel BBQ but this was their Carolina Vinegar, which debuted in January, 2012, during their Meat Week 2012 celebration at their Pork Barrel BBQ restaurant near Washington, D.C. I was anxious to try all of the Pork Barrel BBQ products because they have a laundry list of awards attached to their name, being named one of the Best BBQ Sauces in the Country by Country Living Magazine, Best Tailgating BBQ Sauce by Men’s Health Magazine and the People’s Choice Winner for the 2010 Safeway National Capital Barbecue Battle. It was even named in Men’s Health Magazine as one of the top 125 Best Foods for Men.

When we opened the package that it arrived in, I was impressed with the labeling on the sauces. It was simple (with a pig holding a fork on what looks like a trophy), but for whatever reason it sent a strong message in my book. It is a national award winner across the board for many reasons.

I am honestly thinking about substituting this sauce for any actual salad dressing from here on out, it was that good.

This particular bottle, the Carolina Vinegar, was light red in color and you can see the Red Pepper Flakes throughout the bottle. I shook it up before trying it and when I opened the bottle, it was an instant wake-up call of vinegar, go figure huh? To an extent I initially thought the smell of vinegar and peppers were overwhelming, but it quickly grew on me. I tried a little bit on my finger before putting it on any food. It was very impressive, especially if you like the blend of Carolina sweet BBQ as well as a tangy vinegar BBQ sauce. It was very runny and not thick at all, which is pretty much the way Pork Barrel sauces are across the board.

pork barrel carolina

I listened to the advice that Heath Hall and Brett Thompson, both founders of the amazing assortment of BBQ sauces, gave on the label of the Carolina Vinegar. I tried it as a salad dressing, and it was similar to using oil and vinegar dressing from a store, but much, much, much better. I used it on a chicken salad and I was very impressed! In fact, I am honestly thinking about substituting this sauce for any actual salad dressing from here on out, it was that good. It lingered throughout my mouth but it was an awesome taste and I highly recommend it for not only salads, but I would suggest it could even go with a pasta or pepperoni salad, or I would even think it would go well with any type of chicken.

From the Creator:
It’s the right way or the highway, in your opinion. And that means pouring on the Pork Barrel BBQ sauce, allowing it to trickle down to enhance the flavor of all your meats, fish and veggies. Gather your conservative pals (and, perhaps, your yellow-dog, tree-huggin’ neighbors) and have a Grand Old Party with what you can happily call our Tea Party BBQ Party Pack, guaranteed to give your (right) wings and pork butts a tangy taste of free-market success.

Don’t sling mud; sling Pork Barrel BBQ Sauce!

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Born and raised in Western Pennsylvania and have lived here primarily my entire life. Just like all of you, I am an avid hot sauce and BBQ sauce fan and have made my priority in life around it (some may think that is sad, but so what!).


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